How is Permanent Supportive Housing?

The Permanent Supportive Housing approach is a belief that people with psychiatric disabilities should have the right to live in a home of their choice, on their own, without any special rules or service requirements. They can live just like any other member of the community. Programs take different approaches to housing. In some, people live in units reserved for the program’s tenants, among those with and without special needs. In others, people receive the program’s help finding, qualifying for, and keeping housing on the open market. All tenants have access to an array of services that help them keep their housing, such as case management, assistance with daily activities, conflict resolution, and crisis response. Tenants also receive help in becoming fully participating members of the community, through assistance with socialization and seeking employment.

What Supports Are Offered

psh2– Assessment/Treatment Planning
– Goal Development
– Psycho-Educational Counseling targeted toward housing permanency recreational/socialization opportunities
– New Tenant Orientation & Tenant’s Rights Education
– Crisis Intervention
– Health and Wellness Activities
– Communication skills
– Financial management & budgeting and assistance in securing benefits
– Meal preparation skills (with an emphasis on nutrition)
– Personal Hygiene / self-care
– Housekeeping skills
– Transportation/ skill building in utilizing public transportation
– Stress management
– Safety and hazard recognition
– Accessing community resources

Who is Eligible?

– Any individual (18 years or older) with a diagnosis of SMI.
– Any individual assigned to a PNO Clinic.
– Any individual who has or is at risk for losing their current housing and therefore requires continued support and skills training in order to maintain successful independent living.

How to be Referred to Services

– Referrals will be placed by PNO Case Manager directly to Arizona Health Care. RHBA referral is not required.
– Please email questions or referrals to our referrals department: [email protected]