Our Team

John Stephens


banner1Mr. Stephens is one of the co-founders of Arizona Health Care and has served continuously on its Board of Directors since 1990. John is in his second stint as Chief Executive Officer for the organization and combined has over seven years in that role. In addition, he has served as the Chief Risk Officer for a large group of related Behavioral Health and Developmental Disabilities services companies based in the Carolinas; the Chairman of Virginia’s largest Community Services Board (the Virginia equivalent of Arizona’s Regional Behavioral Health Authority); and, a long time advisor and consultant to Providers, Insurance Companies, and Managed Care Organizations on compliance issues. A graduate of Dartmouth College and Harvard Law School, John proudly serves along with his son, John Franklin Stephens, as an advocate for Special Olympics.

Kevin Green

Chief Executive Officer

banner1Mr. Green came to Arizona Health Care in March of 2005 as the Director of Human Resources. Since that time he has held a variety of positions within the organization that have progressively increased in responsibility which included the position of Chief Administrative Officer. In July of 2009 Mr. Green was promoted as the VP/COO. Mr. Green has over 30 years of management experience where previous to Arizona Health Care was involved in managing and developing a variety of businesses.

Alan L. Ogus, Ph.D., Licensed Psychologist, Certified Public Manager

Chief Clinical Officer

banner1Dr. Ogus has been associated with Arizona Health Care since the company’s inception in 1990 and has served in the positions of Clinical and Quality Assurance Consultant (1990-1995, 1997-2001), Clinical and Quality Assurance Services Director (1995-1997), Senior Clinical Supervisor (2001-2006) and has served as the Chief Clinical Officer of the Corporation since 2006. He concurrently serves as Senior Clinical Consultant for the Saguaro Group of Affiliated Behavioral Health Service Providers based in Raleigh, North Carolina.

Carole Schmidt

Director of Permanent Supportive Housing

banner1 Carole has been with Arizona Health Care since 2016 and has over 25 years of experience in the Behavioral Health field, working with a variety of clientele. She is the Program Director and Clinical Supervisor of the Permanent Supportive Housing Division, where voluntary and flexible services and supports are provided to individuals in hopes of assisting them with maintaining decent, safe, integrated and affordable housing in the community.

Wenli Koenig

Chief Financial Officer

banner1Ms. Koenig is the Chief Financial Officer of Arizona Health Care and has served continuously since 2007. She received her Bachelor Degree in Finance from Anhui Finance and Trade Institute and eventually earned her spot as a Financial Risk Analyst at The Industry and Commerce Bank of Beijing. Shortly after that, Ms. Koenig decided it was time for a new challenge and moved to sunny Tucson, Arizona, where she continued her studies and earned a degree in Accounting. She enjoys cooking for her family and always looking to attend Ballet Arizona’s shows whenever possible.

Sarah Keown

Compliance and Quality Officer

banner1Sarah has been with Arizona Health Care since 2001 and has over 14 years of experience in the SMI field. During that time she has held many positions with Arizona Health Care including BHT, Program Manager, SMI Clinical Coordinator, and SMI Program Supervisor. In 2014 Sarah was promoted as the Compliance and Quality Officer. In this role Sarah provides regulatory updates and training to staff, performs on-going monitoring of all areas of compliance, and acts decisively on issues of potential non-compliance.