Behavioral Health

The SMI Division of Arizona Healthcare Contract Management Services, Inc (AHCCMS, Inc.) serves individuals whose diagnoses fall under the classification of Seriously Mentally Ill. Such diagnoses may include Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Bipolar Disorder, Borderline Personality Disorder, or Psychotic Disorder NOS, to name a few. AHCCMS is contracted through the Regional Behavioral Health Authority (RBHA) for Maricopa County and offers services through Residential Treatment Facilities and in Community Living houses and apartments.  Our team of qualified Admissions Coordinators work closely with each referred recipient’s Clinical Team to obtain a thorough medical and psychiatric history and to facilitate an admission into the most appropriate component program. Our programs and services are conveniently located throughout the valley, extending as far west as Wickenburg and as far east as Chandler/Mesa. 

  • Residential Homes

    AHCCMS proudly operates 11 residential group homes, each individually licensed by the Arizona Department of Health Services. Homes range in capacity from 4 to 9 beds in each facility. Our clinical staff work closely with each client, family members, Case Managers, legal representatives, and anyone else involved in the recipient’s well being to collaboratively develop a comprehensive, individualized Treatment Plan. The goals developed therein are to be carried out for the duration of their time in residential care. Treatment goals are reviewed on a monthly basis, with objective statuses communicated to all interested parties. In the residential level of care, AHCCMS communicates every 30-60 days with the RBHA to thoroughly discuss each recipient’s progress on identified objectives, barriers to progress, newly identified needs, and overall discharge planning to determine if extended stays are warranted and approved. Residential treatment is meant to be short, attainable, and highly individualized in an effort to promote the greatest level of independence in a small amount of time. Clients in this level of care typically work on increasing their overall insight into their mental illness, understanding their symptoms, developing healthy and effective coping skills, medication management, social skills development, and learning habits to promote safety and well-being while in the community.


  • Community Living

    AHCCMS currently delivers support services in 14 community living facilities, 11 of which are homes and 3 of which are in apartment complexes. In this level of care, clients hold their own leases and typically consider their placement as more of a permanent housing situation. Treatment teams mirror those of a residential home, with client utilization of available services varying based on needs and levels of independence. Clients work together with their treatment team to develop their Individualized Treatment Plan, in an effort to promote wellness and independence in the least restrictive setting possible. Clients are responsible for handling their own medications and services are designed to help recipients become as independent as possible.



  • Permanent Supportive Housing

    Permanent Supportive Housing offers voluntary, flexible supports to help people with psychiatric disabilities choose, get, and keep housing that is decent, safe, affordable, and integrated into the community. Central to the approach is a belief that people with psychiatric disabilities should have the right to live in a home of their own, without any special rules or service requirements.

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