• Behavioral Health Services

    Arizona Health Care is contracted through the Regional Behavioral Health Authority for Maricopa County to provide services to the Seriously Mentally Ill in Residential Treatment Facilities and in Community living houses and apartments.

  • Developmental Disability Services

    Arizona Health Care is Qualified Vendor with Arizona Department of Economic Services to provide Group home Habilitation services that are Home and community based.

  • Employment

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Our Values

  • Person-centered, recovery oriented services that promote self-reliance and well being.
  • Integration, collaboration, and participation in the delivery of services in a home-like environment, as close as possible to the client’s home community of choice.
  • Educational programs that foster growth and development for both clients and staff
  • The involvement of clients, friends, and family as an essential aspect of the treatment and recovery process.
  • Protection of the rights of persons receiving services.
  • Providing clients with the least restrictive treatment and service environment to meet their needs
  • Programs that offer clients options and promote self-determination
  • Respect, dignity, and cultural awareness; to serve individuals without judgment and with compassion
  • Strengths-based individual plans and services which promote autonomy and recovery

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